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Weekly Worship

These are the songs we will sing during our upcoming worship services, Lord willing.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 40.1-8 • Marlow (CM) (BPB)

Psa. 40.9-17 • Marlow (CM) (BPB)

The tunes page has many additional tunes to which these psalms may be sung.

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Psalm 40

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.

1 With expectation for the Lord
I waited patiently;
and he inclined unto me,
also he heard my cry.
2 He brought me out of dreadful pit,
out of the miry clay,
and set my feet upon a rock,
he stablished my way.

3 And in my mouth put a new song,
of praise owe God unto:
many shall see, and fear, upon
the Lord shall trust also.
4 Blest is the man that on the Lord
maketh his trust abide,
nor doth the proud respect, nor such
to lies as turn aside.

5 O thou Jehovah, thou my God,
hast many wonders wrought,
and likewise towards us thou hast
conceiv’d many a thought:
their sum cannot be reckon’d up
in order unto thee:
would I declare and speak of them,
beyond account they be.

6 Thou sacrifice and offering
would’st not; thou bor’st mine ear:
burnt off’ring and sin offering
thou neither didst require.
7 Then said I, Lo, I come: i’th book’s
roll it is writ of me,
8 To do thy will, God, I delight:
thy laws in my heart be.

9 In the great congregation
thy righteousness I show:
lo, I have not refrain’d my lips,
Jehovah, thou dost know.
10 I have not hid thy righteousness
within my heart alone;
I have declar’d thy faithfulness
and thy salvation:

thy mercy nor thy truth have I
from the great church concleal’d.
11 Let not thy tender mercies be
from me, O Lord, withheld:
let both thy kindness and thy truth
keep me my life throughout.
12 Because innumerable ills
have compass’d me about:

my sins have caught, me so that I
not able am to see;
more are they than hairs of my head:
therefore my heart fails me.
13 Be pleas’d, Lord, to deliver me:
to help me, Lord, make haste.
14 At once abash’d and sham’d let be
who seek my soul to waste;

let them be driven back and sham’d,
that wish me misery.
15 Let them be waste to quit their shame
that say to me, fy, fy.
16 Let all be glad and joy in thee
that seek thee: let them say
who thy salvation love, the Lord
be magnify’d alway.

17 I both distress’d and needy am;
the Lord yet thinks on me:
my help and my deliv’rer thou;
my God, do not tarry.