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Weekly Worship

These are the songs we will sing during our upcoming worship services, Lord willing.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 34.1-13 • Morning Psalm (CM) • © H. Huschens

Psa. 34.14-22 • Morning Psalm (CM) • © H. Huschens

The tunes page has many additional tunes to which these psalms may be sung.

You can find this information on the web at

We believe that the copyrighted (©) tunes that appear on this page are recorded in keeping with the Fair Use doctrine of U.S. Copyright law: we have only recorded one repetition of the melody, and it is not recorded to profit, nor to undermine the original artists’ ability to profit, and it is intended only for instructional or educational purposes. If you think we have violated that intent, please let us know.