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Weekly Worship

Since we are “sheltering in place” this coming Lord’s day, please consider singing this psalm as part of your personal devotions. For those of you that attend here in Topeka, look for a separate email that will include a sermon for your reading and careful use.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 85.1-13 • St. Magnus (CM) (BPB)

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Psalm 85


1 O Lord, thou favour’d hast thy land:
Jacob’s captivity.
2 Thou hast brought back: thou pardon’d hast
thy folk’s iniquity:
thou hast close cover’d all their sin.
3 Thy wrath away all cast
thou hast: from fierceness of thine ire
thyself return’d thou hast.

4 Convert us back, O thou, the God
of our salvation:
and toward us cause thou to cease
thine indignation.
5 Wilt thou be angry still with us
for evermore? what shall
thine anger be by thee drawn out
to generations all?

6 Wilt thou not us revive? in thee
thy folk rejoice shall so.
7 Show us thy mercy, Lord; on us
thy saving health bestow.
8 I’ll hear what God the Lord will speak:
for to his people peace
he’ll speak, and to his saints: lest they
return to foolishness.

9 Surely near them that do him fear
is his salvation:
that glory may within our land
have habitation.
10 Mercy and truth do jointly meet:
justice and peace do kiss.
11 Truth springs from earth: and righteousness
from heaven looking is.

12 Yea what is good the Lord shall give:
and yield her fruit our land.
13 Justice shall ‘fore him go: and make
her steps i’th way to stand.