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Weekly Worship

These are the songs we will sing during our upcoming worship services, Lord willing.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 110 • Culross (CM) (BPB)

Psa. 111 • Caddo (CM) (BPB)

The tunes page has many additional tunes to which these psalms may be sung.

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Psalm 110

A Psalm of David.

1 The LORD did say unto my Lord,
sit thou at my right hand:
till I thine en’mies make a stool
whereon thy feet may stand.
2 The Lord the rod shall of thy strength
send from out of Zion:
in middest of thine enemies
have thou dominion.

3 Willing thy folk in thy day’s pow’r,
in holy beauties be:
from morning’s womb; thou hast the dew
of thy youth unto thee.
4 Jehovah sware, nor will repent,
thou art a Priest for aye:
after the order that I of
Melchizedek did say.

5 The Lord who is at thy right hand
wounding shall strike through kings
in that same day wherein that he
his indignation brings.
6 He shall among the heathen judge,
and fill with bodies dead
great places, and o’er many lands
he shall strike through the head.

7 Out of the torrent he shall drink
i’th way he passeth by:
because of this therefore he shall
lift up his head on high.

Psalm 111


1 Praise ye the Lord: with my whole heart
Jehovah praise will I:
i’th private meetings of th’ upright,
and public assembly.
2 Great are the Lord’s works: sought of all
that in them have pleasure.
3 Comely and glor’ous is his work:
aye doth his justice dure.

4 To be remember’d he hath made
his doings marvelous:
full of compassion is the Lord
as well as gracious.
5 Meat hath he given unto them
that fearers of him be:
he evermore his covenant
doth keep in memory.

6 The power of his works he did
unto his people show:
that he the heathen’s heritage
upon them might bestow.
7 Both verity and judgment are
the working of his hands:
yea very faithful also are
each one of his commands.

8 For ever and for evermore
they stand in stableness:
yea they are done in verity
also in uprightness.
9 Redemption to his folk he sent,
that covenant of his
for aye he hath ordain’d: holy
and rev’rend his name is.

10 Of wisdom the beginning is
Jehovah’s fear: all they
that do his will have prudence good:
his praise endures for aye.