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Weekly Worship

These are the songs we will sing during our upcoming worship services, Lord willing.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 119.1-8 • Duke Street (LM) (BPB)

Psa. 119.9-16 • Quebec (LM) (BPB)

The tunes page has many additional tunes to which these psalms may be sung.

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Psalm 119



1 All blest are men upright of way:
walk in Jehovah’s law who do.
2 Blest such as do his records keep:
with their whole heart him seek also.
3 And that work no iniquity:
but in his ways do walk indeed.
4 Thou hast giv’n charge, with diligence
unto thy precepts to give heed.

5 O that to keep thy statutes: so
my ways addressed were by thee!
6 When I respect thy precepts all,
then shall I not ashamed be.
7 When I thy righteous judgments learn
with heart uprightness I’ll thee praise.
8 Forsake thou me not utterly:
I will observe thy statutes’ ways.


9 By what may ‘ young man cleanse his way?
by heeding it as thy word guides.
10 With my whole heart thee have I sought:
thy laws let me not go besides.
11 I in my heart thy word have hid:
that I might not against thee sin.
12 Thou, O Jehovah, blessed art:
thine own statutes instruct me in.

13 All the just judgments of thy mouth
declared with my lips have I.
14 I in thy testimonies’ way
joy more than in all rich plenty.
15 In thy precepts I’ll meditate:
and have respect unto thy ways.
16 Myself I’ll solace in thy laws:
and not forget what thy word says.