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Weekly Worship

These are the songs we will sing during our upcoming worship services, Lord willing.

Lord’s Day



Psa. 69.16-21 • Culross (CM) (BPB)

Psa. 69.22-26 • Culross (CM) (BPB)

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Psalm 69

To the chief Musician upon Shoshannim,
A Psalm of David.

1 The waters in unto my soul
are come, O God, me save.
2 I am in muddy deep sunk down,
where I no standing have:
into deep waters I am come,
where floods me overflow.
3 I of my crying weary am,
my throat is dried so;

mine eyes fail: I wait for my God.
4 They that have hated me
without a cause, than mine head’s hairs
they more in number be:
also mine en’mies wrongfully
they are that would me slay,
mighty they are; then I restor’d
what I took not away.

5 O God, thou know’st my foolishness;
my sin’s not hid from thee.
6 Who wait on thee, Lord God of hosts,
let not be sham’d for me:
O never suffer them, who do
for thee inquiry make,
O God of Israel, to be
confounded for my sake.

7 By reason that I for thy sake
reproach have suffered:
confusion my countenance
hath over covered.
8 I as a stranger am become
unto my bretherren;
and am an aliant unto
my mother’s childerren.

9 For of thy house the zeal me hath
up eaten: every one
who thee reproach, their reproaches
are fallen me upon.
10 In fasts, I wept and spent my soul,
this was reproach to me.
11 And I my garment sackcloth made:
yet must their proverb be.

12 They that do sit within the gate,
against me speak they do;
unto the drinkers of strong drink,
I was a song also.
13 But I in an accepted time
to thee, Lord, make my pray’r:
me, Lord, in thy salvation’s truth,
in thy great mercy hear.

14 Deliver me out of the mire,
and me from sinking keep:
let me be freed mine haters from,
and out of waters deep.
15 O’erflow me let not water floods,
nor me let swallow up
the deep, also let not the pit
her mouth upon me shut.

16 Jehovah hear thou me, for good
is thy benignity:
turn unto me according to
greatness of thy mercy.
17 And hide not thou thy countenance
from thy servant away;
because that I in trouble am;
hear me without delay.

18 O draw thou nigh unto my soul,
do thou it vindicate;
give me deliverance, because
of them that do me hate.
19 Thou hast known my reproach, also
my shame, and my disgrace:
mine adversaries every one
they are before thy face.

20 Reproach mine heart brake, I was griev’d:
for some me to bemoan
I sought, but one there was; and for
comforters, but found none.
21 Moreover instead of my meat
unto me gall they gave;
and in me thirst they vinegar
for drink made me to have.

22 Their table set before their face,
to them become a snare:
and that let be a trap, which should
have been for their welfare.
23 And let their eyes be darkened,
that they may never see:
their loins also with trembling
to shake continually.

24 Pour out thine ire on them, let seize
on them thine anger fell.
25 Their palace let be desolate:
none in their tents let dwell.
26 Because they him do persecute
on whom thy stroke is found:
also they talk unto the grief
of them whom thou dost wound.

27 Thou unto their iniquity
iniquity do add:
into thy righteousness for them
let entrance none be had.
28 Out of the book of the living
O do thou them forth blot,
and amongst them that righteous are
be written let them not.

29 But Lord, I’m poor and sorrowful:
let thy health lift me high.
30 With song I’ll praise the name of God:
with thanks him magnify.
31 Unto Jehovah this also
shall be more pleasing far,
than any ox or bullock young,
that horn’d and hoofed are.

32 This thing when as they shall behold,
then shall be glad the meek;
also their heart shall ever live
that after God do seek.
33 For the Lord hears the poor, nor doth
despise whom he hath bound.
34 Let heav’n, earth, seas and all therein
that moves, his praises sound.

35 For God will Judah’s cities build,
and Zion he will save:
that they may dwell therein, and may
it in possession have.
36 The seed also of his servants
inherit shall the same:
also therein inhabit shall
they that do love his name.

Psalm 70

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David,
to bring to remembrance.

1 O God, to rescue me,
Lord, to mine help, make hast.
2 Let them that after my soul seek
asham’d be, and abasht:
turn’d back and sham’d let them
that in my hurt delight.
3 Turn’d back let them ha, ha, that say,
their shame for to requite.

4 Let all those that thee seek
joy, and be glad in thee:
let such as love thy health say still,
magnify’d let God be.
5 Make hast to me, Lord, for
I poor am and needy:
thou art mine aid, and my helper,
O Lord; do not tarry.